LiPo Applications
LiPo Applications

Motoma Lipo Battery in Keyboard and Mouse


keyborad battery

Braile Keyboard

According to the first World Vision Report, there are over 1 billion people are visually imparied.

Among them, the current number of blind people reaches 43.3 million, and it will increase to 61 million by 2050.

Thchnnolgy changes the life of blind people, nowadays, there are various kinds of electroic devices such as braile keyboard, braile reader, smart cane, all of them make the blind people’s life much more convenient and wonderful.

Motoma team is stable lithium polymer battery supplier of for some braile keyboard manufacturers. Some features of our clients’ products:

1.Lightweight, compact and portable: it can be easily connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, conveniently carried in a pocket or bag, allowing blind people to have it whenever they need it.

2.Braille Input with high efficiency: end users can easily input braille characters, numbers, and punctuation, ensuring efficient communication and interaction.

3.Seamless Compatibility: compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones, ensuring widespread accessibility, allow you to take advantage of Braille input and navigation across various devices.

4.Long Battery Life: The keyboards have built-in Motoma long-lasting rechargeable battery, providing extended usage without frequent recharging. This ensures blind people can rely on the device throughout their day without worrying about battery life.

Gaming mouse

mouse battery

Unlike common mouse the gaming mouse’s price can be as high as several hundredes unit dollars.
Why it’s so expensive?

1.Outstanding positioning accuracy: it’s an important indicator, gaming mouse ususally have high -precision sensors which can ensure the movement trajectory of mouse on screen is highly consistent with the actual operation; for testing, players can judeg the positioning accuracy by observing whegther the movememnt trajectory of mouse on screen is smooth and wheteher there is jitter. Also, sensor performance determines response speed of the mouse, excellent gaming mouse usualy use high-performance sensors to achieve fast and accurate.

2. Holding comfort: holding comfor is an important factor to effect player operation that’s why many gaming mouse manufacturers pursue ligher weight if the roduct. Excellent gaming mouse ususally feature ergonomic designs that provide a comfortable holding experience; for testing, players can judge the comfort via holding the mouse by observing whether their hands feel tired after using it for a period of time.

3.Key activation velocity and feedback: key triggering strength and feeback are key factors which effect accuracy of player operations. A good gaming mouse usually has moderate button actuation foce and clear feedback sound.

4.Advanced power solutions: you can image it’s such a disaster for players if the battery eaisy  fails when playing; so the battery performance is very important, a good battery include several aspects, such as sufficient capacity, long cycle life, good discharging curve, safety...

Via two months technical reserach, Motoma team succeded in customizing a lipo battery for a famous gaming mouse manufacturer, this battery is 5g ligther than common solution, in the meanwhile, offers phenomenal battery life and give up to over 60 hours of play time after a full charge.

The “5g” indeed brings great satisfcation to client. “So far, It’s the lightest lipo battery in gaming mouser field”, CTO of our client said.