Founded in 1994, Motoma Power is dedicated to providing safe reliable battery solutions and high-quality battery products to clients all over the world. Our main servicing fields include breast pump, medical device, handheld terminals, tablet ,GPS, IOT, robot, golf cart, streetlight, household energy storage, base station...
About Motoma
Shenzhen Motoma Power Co.,Ltd is a clean energy company, specialized in the research and manufacture of A grade dry batteries, lithium polymer batteries, cylindrical lithium batteries, Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and solar systems. As a brand-driven company with 30+ years history, we integrate a powerful team of R&D, production and sales, we build a over 20,000 square meters production plant and employ near 400 skillful workers.
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30 Years
Founded in 1994
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Customized Service
With 400+ skillful workers and 20+ in-house professional R&D engineers, we have supported over 800 clients for 1600+ battery projects in the past years. Lithium battery is one kind of customized products, we provide professional service of battery design, always choose the best suitable battery solutions for clients.
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Reasonable price
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