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High Voltage Lithium Polymer Battery 3.8V

  • 3.8V 3.85V 3.88V high voltage lithium polymer battery
  • High energy density, light weight
  • Excellent safety
  • Environment friendly
  • None-memory effect
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion Polymer
  • Battery Terminations: PC Pins (Horizontal) / (Vertical), SMT (SMD) Mount, Solder Tabs, Wires, Cables with Connectors.
  • Original lipo battery manufacturer from raw material, battery cell pack factory.

High Voltage Lithium Polymer Battery 3.8V

High Voltage Battery (LiHV), Higher Energy, Customization

What’s high voltage lithium polymer battery?

With the increasing demand for Lithium batteries in electrical devices, the expectation for energy density of Lithium batteries is also increasing
High Voltage lipo batery (LiHV) offers higher energy density than regular LiPo battery, allowing your device to have a longer duration time, so clients always choose LiHV battery especially when requesting a bigger battery capacity but their device space is limited.

Motoma LiHV lipo battery packs

Motoma provides reliable high voltage lipo battery solutions, which include 3.8V LiHV, 3.85V LiHV and 3.88V LiHV

Motoma LiHV batteries are used widely in the market, it’s one of our mature battery solution.
Advantages include:

  • Safe even the voltage is higher
  • High energy density, longer duration
  • Stable discharging platform
  • Ensure at least 80% capacity after 500 times standard cycles.
  • Good consistency of battery cell
  • Customized service: 3.8V LIP904261 3000mAh is just a reference part number of our LiHV, we can customize capacity and dimension based on clients’ technical requirement, PCM and connectors can also be customized.
  • Parallel or series several battery cells is acceptable.

Before you use the HVLi batteries, please check the charger at first as not each existing charger can charge HVLi batteries, for more details please contact Motoma team.

Product Specification
Battery model 3.8V LIP904261 3000mAh
Nominal voltage 3.8V
Nominal capacity 3000mAh
Minimum capacity 3000mAh
Charging voltage 4.35V
Standard charging current 600mA (0.2C)
End current 30mA (0.01C)
Max. charging current 1500mA (0.5C)
Standard discharging current 1600mA (0.2C)
Max. discharging current 3000mA (1C)
End voltage of discharge 3.0V
Dimension of cell 9.0*42*61mm
Charging temperature range 0~45℃
Discharging temperature range -20~60℃
Protection Circuit Module (PCM) Overcharge protect,over-discharge protect,short-circuit protect, over current protect
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High Voltage Lithium Polymer Battery
High Voltage Lithium Polymer Battery
High Voltage Lithium Polymer Battery
Typical applications

Breast pump, heart monitor, smart phone, smart ring, IOT, GPS, handheld terminals, asset tracker, fitness tracker, sleep tracker etc