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Lithium Ion Battery ICR21700 4800mAh

  1. First-class brands cell, and choose the best among the best.
  2. Internal synchronization for reliability testing.
  3. The high-precision automatic matching machine improves the consistency of the battery pack and the cycle life of the whole pack.
  4. Fully automatic laser welding reduces the internal resistance of the finished product and is not easy to desolder.
  5. The battery is 100% aged before leaving the factory.


Battery model                     LCR21700
Nominal voltage                         3.7V
Nominal capacity                       4800mAh
Standard charging current                 2400mA  (0.5C)
End current                  48mA  (0.01C)
Max. charging current                   4800mA  (1C)
Standard discharging current                  2400mA  (0.5C)
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current                  14400mAh (3C)
Discharging cut-off voltage                          2.75V
Shipment Voltage                      3.7V~4.0V
Charging temperature range                           0~45℃
Discharging temperature range                         -20~60℃


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