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Electrical Motorcycle Battery 72V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Deep Cycle Battery

High quality 72V Electric Vehicles 50Ah LifePO4 battery

Electric Vehicle Battery 72V Electric Vehicles 50Ah LifePO4 battery

Battery Parameters:

Chemical System LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Nominal Voltage 72V
Capacity 50Ah
Nominal Capacity 3.6kWh
Operating Voltage Range 60V~84V
Maximum Charging Current 10A
Maximum Discharging Current 100A
Charging Temperature Range 0 ℃~45 ℃
Discharging Temperature Range -20℃~60 ℃
Dimension (mm) 390*250*150
Weight (kgs) 24
Cycle Life@DOD 80% 1000 Times
Terminal Type Chogori
Communication CAN

Battery Features

  • With SOC design.
  • Waterproof grade: IP65.
  • Samll in size, big in power.
  • Support high power discharge.
  • Smaller,lighter and longer life.

Battery Advantage

  • With 30% size of lead acid batteries.
  • Low self-discharge batteries.
  • With intelligent protection, more safe.
  • Fast charging, no need maintance
  • Eco-friendly batteries.


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