LIP Applications
LIP Applications

Lipo Battery In Breast Pump

Motoma Power is TOP1 lipo battery supplier of global breast pump companies, we have near 15 years experience in this field and have build long-term cooperation with both domestic and overseas breast pump manufacturers inculding many famous ones.

Hundreds of thousands lipo batteries are produced in Motoma factory and assembled in various kinds of breast pumps such as wearable breast pump,hospital-grade electric breast pump, double electric breast pump, single electric breast pump everyday, then sold to mothers all over the world and used very close to human body.

Motoma team provides best optimal battery design, mature strict production process, safe high quality battery with sufficient capacity and long cycle life, and also perfect after-sales service.
lipo battery for breast pump

Some feedback mentioned Motoma battery from end clients:

.Great pump, I always get a really good output using this compared to others.The battery life is fantastic and the machine itself operates very quitely. It’s great for working nums as it is small and easy to take anywhere with you.

. My wife loves this pump. It has great suction and she gets the same amount of milk in less time than using other pumps. It can be used with batteries if you don‘t want to be plugged into the wall. Easy to clean.

. It has a long battery life.

.One of best pumps available with rechargeable battery lasting for more than 4 to 5 hrs with all functionality for a comfortable expression.

.Love that I do not have to be plugged into the wall. The light is great to make sure pumps are positioned correctly at night. Very quiet and battery lasts a long time.

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