LiFePO4 Applications
LiFePO4 Applications

Empowering Sustainability: MOTOMA‘s Trailblazing Upgrade of Solar Energy Storage in Syria

MOTOMA takes great pride in showcasing a remarkable demonstration of our unwavering dedication to efficient, dependable, and sustainable Energy Storage Solutions – the successful enhancement of a solar energy storage facility for a global corporation in Syria. This project stands as a testament to Motoma‘s exceptional performance, enduring quality, and innovative spirit.

Seven Years of Steadfast Reliability:
At the core of the original system were MOTOMA Gel Batteries, each boasting a 150Ah 12V capacity and commissioned in the early months of 2017. Paired with MOTOMA MKS 5KW inverters, these batteries dutifully served the organization for an impressive seven years, concluding in late 2023. Their unwavering performance in challenging conditions underscores the inherent quality and dependability engineered into every MOTOMA product.

Embracing Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow:
As the organization aimed to advance its sustainability objectives, MOTOMA responded with a commitment to the future of energy storage. We embarked on a comprehensive system upgrade, replacing the reliable MOTOMA Gel Batteries with the latest generation of MOTOMA Lithium Batteries. These state-of-the-art M88PW/200Ah 51.2V batteries, coupled with the powerful MOTOMA Axpert MaxII 8KW Twin inverters, signify a significant leap forward in efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Pioneering Energy Storage Excellence:
This upgrade to the solar energy storage project is just one of many success stories that solidify Motoma‘s standing as a leader in the energy storage industry. We persistently pursue innovation, continually striving to develop solutions that empower communities, businesses, and organizations to embrace a cleaner, greener future.