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Lithium batteries are the best choice for instrumentation applications

Lithium batteries are widely used in instruments and meters. Batteries developed and produced by MOTOMA are often used as power supplies for various instruments due to their small size, lightweight, stable voltage, and long life. Here are some common instrumentation application scenarios:

1. Electronic sphygmomanometer: Lithium batteries can provide enough electricity so that the electronic sphygmomanometer can be used for a long time, and because of its small size, it is easy to carry.

lithium battery application with electronic sphygmomanometer

2. Electronic scale: Lithium batteries can provide a stable voltage, making the measurement accuracy of the electronic scale higher, and because of its long life, there is no need to frequently replace the battery.

lithium polymer battery application with electronic scale

3. Industrial instruments: lithium batteries can provide a reliable power supply to ensure the normal operation of industrial instruments, and because of their high durability, they can withstand more harsh industrial environments.

battery applications with temperature controller

4. Optical instruments: lithium batteries can provide a clean and stable power supply to meet the high requirements for optical instruments, such as optical microscopes, telescopes, spectrometers, etc.

At present, lithium batteries are widely used in consumer electronics, power tools, and industrial automation instruments. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries are being more and more widely used for their high safety, high energy density, lightweight, and other characteristics. This paper mainly analyzes the application range of lithium batteries in 48 V industrial instruments, and the capacity requirements and capacity realization of lithium batteries in different applications.

In some industrial environments, a 24V power supply is required,24 V power supply generally has different requirements such as power supply voltage selection, battery capacity Settings, etc., need to choose the appropriate capacity of lithium batteries, while paying attention to the battery parameters, technical requirements, and precautions. The power supply voltage selection should pay attention to three aspects :
(1)48 V power supply for high voltage demand (such as 48V single-phase power supply, or 48 V AC power supply);
(2)48V AC power supply is suitable for low and medium voltage, suitable for medium and high-temperature environment;
(3)48V AC power supply is suitable for high output current use. At present, 48V industrial test instrument lithium is used in many industrial test instruments.

From the perspective of the wide application of lithium batteries in equipment, there are two main application areas for industrial test instruments: one is communication;  and Second,  industrial control application; From the current situation of lithium batteries used in the field of communication, mainly used in the field of communication power supply, lithium battery applications are mainly consumer power supply and communication power supply two categories; From the point of view of lithium battery use, it is mainly used in the field of industrial control and communication.