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50kWh 100kWh Smart Energy Storage System Battery Cluster Cabinet

  • Rated Power: 50KW Output & 100KWh Battery
  • PV Array Power 50,000 W
  • Dimension: 510*680*195mm
  • MPPT Range 4 MPPT 200 - 850 VDC
  • Support Parallel Up to 16 Units (800 KW)
  • IP54 Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Made By Fresh Grade A Cells
  • >6000 Cycles @ DOD 80%
  • Intelligent BMS & EMS Improves Performance
  • Communication:CAN/RS232/RS485
  • Feed in-To The Grid
Model: M50-100 50kWh 100kWh

50kWh 100kWh Smart Energy Storage System Battery Cluster Cabinet


The Smart ESS Unit – M50-100 stands as an all-inclusive PV ESS Converter, meticulously crafted for unparalleled performance and durability. It boasts a cutting-edge Long-Life Lithium battery housing superior Grade A+ LiFePO4 cells. This unit seamlessly integrates a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), a versatile Hybrid inverter, and an advanced Energy Management System (EMS). Complemented by a temperature control system, comprehensive fire protection, and efficient load distribution, this compact powerhouse offers an AC output of 400VAac, catering to diverse applications. Excelling in power expansion and backup supply, it emerges as the top choice for both On-grid and off-grid environments such as mines, islands, farms, and remote villages, ensuring steadfast and sustainable energy provision in challenging conditions.


  • Underwent rigorous destructive tests ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability.
  • Electrical multi-dimensional fusion perception with multi-level fuse protection.
  • Internal integration of PV/ESS/PCS equipment enhances system stability.
  • Incorporates early thermal runaway prewarning design for targeted fire extinguishing at PACK level.
  • Smart temperature control system maintains a temperature difference of ≤5°C, boosting battery cycle life by 12%.


  • All-in-one design with modular installation covering just a 1.21 m2 area.
  • Suitable for various industrial scenarios with easy grid connection.
  • Anti-installation short-circuit error ensures safe maintenance.
  • Plug-and-play with aviation plug and simple capacity expansion from 50kW to 800kW.
  • Factory prefabrication and integrated transportation reduce overall costs by 15%.


  • Remote cloud operation and maintenance for both local and remote monitoring.
  • Smart balancing strategy and system AI prewarning ensure battery life cycle consistency.
  • Supports black start function for reliable off-grid/micro-grid power supply.
  • Offers multiple operation modes (VPP, grid-connected, off-grid) for enhanced revenue opportunities.

Technical Parameters:

PV Parameters
Max. Input Power 50KW
Start-up Voltage 200V
PV Max.voltage 1000Vdc
PV Rated Voltage 630Vdc
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 200 ~ 850Vdc
MPPT Qty. 4
Qty. Of Single MPPT Input Channels 2
Max.input Current 30A
Max.short Circuit Current 40A
ESS Parameters
Rated Power 103.68kWh
Rated Capacity 150Ah
Rated Voltage 691.2Vdc
Battery Voltage Range 604.8 ~ 777.6 Vdc
Rated Charge / Discharge Current 75A
Max.charge / Discharge Current 90A
AC Parameters
Rated Output Power 50KW
Max.input Apparent Power 50KVA
Grid-connected Max.output Apparent Power 50KVA
Off-grid Max.output Apparent Power 50KVA
Max.output Current 75A
Rated Voltage (Input & Output) 3L/N/PE; 400V
Grid Frequency 50HZ / 60HZ
THDU <3%@ Rated Power & Linear Load
Inverter Efficiency Parameters
Max. Efficiency 98.40%
EU Efficiency 97.50%
Ambient Parameters
Operating Temperature -20°C~50°C (45°C Derating)
Storage Temperature -20°C~45°C
Humidity 5~95%, No Condensing
Altitude 2000m (2000m Derating)
Cooling Mode Smart Air Conditioner, Smart Fan
Other Parameters
Dimension (W*h*d) 1100*1100*2000mm
Weight 1300 kg
Ingress Protection IP54
Communication Mode RS485, Ethernet, 4G


Commercial Premises
Industrial Park
Petrol Station
Data Centre

Smart energy storage system ESS battery cluster


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50kWh 100kWh Smart Energy Storage System Battery Cluster Cabinet
50kWh 100kWh Smart Energy Storage System Battery Cluster Cabinet
50kWh 100kWh Smart Energy Storage System Battery Cluster Cabinet