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Company News

The MOTOMA big show is going on at CES 2024

About CES2024
Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, there is no doubt that CES is one of the most influential tech event in the world.
Hundreds of thousands exhibitors and attendees are coming to Las Vegas this week for CES2024, it’s the 100th year of exhibition, marking a significant milestone in the world’s largest tech exhibition.
Below are some hot technology trends and innovations in this year‘s CES. 
1.AI (artificial intelligence) especially Brain-Computer Interfaces
2.VR, AR, and XR 
3.Robot rise again

CES battery show

Motoma and CES
Motoma Power began to attend CES since 2018, this year we are also here to meet worldwide old friends and new friends.
In the years gone by, we not only take root in servicing breast pump, medical device and handheld terminal’s clients, but also begin to enter into many new fields such as AI, robot, IOT, biological identification...we are proud to provide customers with strong technical support and qualified batteries.
Where to find us
From January 9 to January 12, 2024, Motoma team will be exhibiting in Westgate 320+322, below video is helpful for you to find us easier.