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Safe Lipo Battery In Medical Devices


As medical devices become more portable and wireless, request for a reliable safe power source has become a major design factor. Lithium polymer battery is the best choose because it has high energy density and can be customized in different sizes, further, it’s much safer than lithium-ion battery and never explode. Considering above, lipo battery is using more and more widely in various medical devices such as patient monitor, electrocardiogram, infusion pump, heart monitor, medical watch, medical headlight, patience monitor, ECG devices,electronic thermometer, electronic stethoscope, dental medical…

Motoma’s medical-grade lipo battery

In Motoma, we have over 10 years experience in designing and producing lithium polymer batteries for worldwide medical clients, some are top 10 clients.

Features of Motoma lipo batteries:

  1. Excellent safety performance.
  2. The shape can be customized.
  3. Lightweight with high energy density.
  4. Long cycle life.
  5. Small internal resistance.
  6. Good consistency.
  7. Low self-discharge rate.
  8. Comply to various certificates such as IEC, UL…
  9. Various cell solutions such as high voltage battery, high density battery, fast charging battery, ultra thin battery and high rate battery to meet different requirements from clients.
Battery Consideration for Design of Medical Devices
  • Safety is the most important.
  • Choose the suitable battery solution, instead of the battery with lowest price or with biggest capacity.
  • Lipo battery will swell after hundreds times cycle, please pay attention to it especially your battery compartment dimension is limited.
  • Check carefully which certificates of the battery you need in advance, different selling markets request different certificates.
  • Carefully consider on the application environment of your device such as temperature, humidity, it’s important for battery.
  • Pay attention if the battery needs to pass injection molding process and stand high temperature.
  • Choose the correct battery cell and PCM solutions.
  • Reserve enough time of battery evaluation work in advance.
  • Fuel gauge is the best solution for flexibility.
  • Cooperate with reliable lipo battery manufacturer who has experience in medical industry.