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Guidance: how to customize lipo battery

Customized lipo batteries are used more and more widely in various electronic devices as the high energy density and flexible shape.
Sometimes customizing process seems to be complex and costly, which make clients suffer on it.
Motoma team has over 10 years experience of customizing lipo battery, supporting worldwide clients to handle thousands of lipo battery projects effectively and correctly, today we would share some experience to you, hope it’s helpful.

1.Understand your application at first
Lipo battery is one kind of industrial products used in clients’ device, at first clients need to understand the actual application at first; for example, safety camera is used outdoor, facing lower than -20 centigrade temperature especially in north America, you’d better consider how much capacity you expect the battery discharge in low temperature; while vehicle camera may face face higher than 60 centigrade in summer, you need to consider safety of battery; also, peak current of discharging is an important technical parameter for supplier to confirm battery rate, we know sometimes it’s even difficult for clients to make every data clear at beginning stage of project, but please try best to do.

lipo battery solutions

2.Provide sufficient correct information to battery supplier
There are many different lipo battery solutions, such as low temperature battery, high temperature battery, fast charging battery, high rate battery, high voltage battery, common battery, longer cycle life battery...each solution has different battery performance, after fully understanding your application and cost pressure, the suppliers can provide a best suitable battery solution for you, so a professional and responsible battery supplier always ask you many technical questions before they provide battery solution, instead of selecting a existing battery model for you and quote to you simply.

battery application

3.Ensure your device has enough space for battery
Lipo battery’s thickness will expand after hundreds times cycles, normally, there is a expansion rate which you can consult us; please pay attention on it and ensure your device has enough space, especially for some wearable device and IOT projects, the product is always small but clients pursue higher battery capacity to make end clients’ happier.

4.Pay attention to battery certificates
Different markets request different battery certificates.

lipo battery certificates
Do you know PCM design is totally different if you request UL2054? Also, price of different test institutions may have big gap, for example, certificate fee via TUV and UL solutions has big different; normally, each battery manufacturer has some mature models with some certificates such as UN38.3, MSDS, CB (IEC62133-2:2017), KC, BIS, UL1642, UL2054 already, if can choose a mature model and indeed suitable for your project then can save test fee and time for you, otherwise, you need to pay for it.

5.Choose original connectors or not? 
Frankly speaking, substitutions of connectors especially for such as Molex and JST brand is a mature technology in China, tell frankly to the battery manufacturer if you must need original connector for your high-end products; secondly, try to use common connectors, otherwise, you may suffer on long-lead time, shortage, or even re-do some critical certificates if have to change connectors after your project goes into mass production stage.

battery connector original

6.Reserving enough time for battery test
Long time is necessary if you do cycle life test for battery; further, you may revise mechanical design, supplier may improve battery solution after sample test, so please plan battery prototyping in advance and reserve enough time for battery test, please never take take battery select as an easy thing.

7.Choose a correct battery provider
As you may know, there are thousands of battery factories in China, mainly in Yangtze River Delta and pearl river delta, some are pack factories and they purchase battery cells from original battery supplies, some focus on low-end consumer markets, some are new just enter into battery field, some’s quality is amazing but MOQ is too high... Choose a correct supplier, it’s better they have rich experience in handing similar projects before, their MOQ match your project, and their after-sale service can be guaranteed.

Motoma Power is an original lipo battery supplier with 30 years history, from raw material to battery cell and battery pack, we creat “Motoma” brand since 1994 which we cherish it so much.
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