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Find a reliable battery supplier to support your delivery robot projects

Delivery robot market is raising fast, robot is used more and more widely in various fields such as healthcare, food & beverages, and retail industry.

People are not surprised when seeing delivery robots in hotel, restaurant, campus, not only in developed countries, but also in many developing countries such as China, India.

lithium battery for delivery robot

Battery is one critical part in robot, do you know what kind of battery is used in delivery robot?

Yes, it’s lithium-ion battery, one kind of rechargeable and none-memory battery; except 18650 battery pack, 21700 cylindrical battery pack is also used widely in delivery robot industry.

There are hundreds of battery factories in China such as in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou cities, how delivery robot manufacturers find a qualified battery supplier?

A few steps to find a reliable battery supplier to support your delivery robot here.

1)Choose battery cells carefully, take care of cell uniformity, cell quality, choose correct discharging rate based on application.

2)Packing experience of robot battery: series and parallel connection of several battery cells is always necessary in delivery robot, strict packing process ensure high quality of battery packs.

3)Strong technical support: BMS (battery management system) is always needed, for example: communication interface such as RS485, find a supplier with strong technical support including both hardware and software support will let your project go smoothly.

4)Certificate: normally, UN38.3 and dangerous package certificate is needed for shipment, pay attention to reserve enough time to not impact the delivery of batch batteries. Further, pay attention any other certificates needed, for example: if robot device goes to American market, UL2580/UL2271 certificates are also needed, a qualified and experienced battery manufacturer will provide professional suggestions on certificates.

5)Good after-sale service.