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Building the Dream of Green Energy Together: MOTOMA Team-building

Recently, MOTOMA meticulously planned a unique sales team-building event to enhance team cohesion and improve collaboration and communication among team members. Held on May 25 at the picturesque Qingfengzhai Ecological Park in Dongguan, the MOTOMA sales team eagerly participated, spending a fulfilling and unforgettable weekend together. 

battery factory team building 1

Upon arrival, team members started with warm-up exercises and engaging team games that quickly brought everyone closer together, creating a relaxed and joyful team atmosphere. The group was then divided into smaller teams, each selecting a captain and collaboratively developing team mottos and formations, showcasing their vitality and cohesion.

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During the subsequent team-building activities, each group faced a series of challenging tasks. These tasks not only tested the courage and intelligence of the team members but also honed their teamwork and communication skills. In experiential games, members had to trust each other and work together to complete the tasks, underscoring the importance of trust in team collaboration and highlighting their innovative thinking and service awareness.

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Lunch was a self-catered barbecue where team members gathered to enjoy delicious food, share work and life experiences, and strengthen their bonds and friendships.

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After the team-building activities, the company hosted a heartfelt birthday celebration for employees with birthdays in May. With cake, flowers, and sincere wishes, each birthday celebrant felt the warmth and care from the company and colleagues. The birthday celebration touched the celebrants and deepened the emotional connections among team members. Following the celebration, a special reading session was organized. Team members gathered to share insights from the book "38 Letters from Rockefeller to His Son." The sharing session provided a deep dive into Rockefeller’s wisdom and philosophy of success, offering valuable workplace and life lessons. Everyone actively participated, sharing their thoughts and reflections, inspiring and learning from one another.

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This event strengthened team cohesion and enhanced the team‘s service awareness. MOTOMA is committed to providing high-performance, reliable lithium battery solutions to global customers, delivering superior, efficient, and safe lithium battery products to the market. The company will continue to invest in the development and training of the sales team, offering more growth opportunities and development space.