• Off Grid Electric推动非洲电气化今年吸引七千万美元投资
  • Date:【2016-01-18】

    Off Grid Electric’s Africa electrification push attracted US$70 million investment this year
    Off Grid Electric推动非洲电气化今年吸引七千万美元投资
    Off Grid Electric,一家专注于为农村社区提供电气化的公司,日前创立一个四千五百万美元投资工具,使其今年股票和债务总计筹集融资七千万美元。
    迄今已经在坦桑尼亚执行项目,最近进军邻国卢旺达,数月前Off Grid Electric完成C轮融资,价值两千五百万美元。
    Off Grid Electric表示,其已经与坦桑尼亚政府和坦桑尼亚投资中心达成协议,未来三年在全国一百万家庭部署解决方案。
    Off Grid Electric, a company specialising in providing electrification to rural communities, has created a US$45 million investment vehicle, bringing its total raised this year in equity and debt financing to US$70 million.
    Having so far executed projects in Tanzania, with a recent entry into neighbouring Rwanda, Off Grid Electric closed a Series C funding round a couple of months ago worth US$25 million.
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